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11:00, 27 декабря 2022 г.

Credit Agricole supports society, clients and employees in a war time

Новости компаний

With the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Credit Agricole has demonstrated an active social stance and focused on supporting its customers, employees and society. In total, over ten months, the bank allocated UAH 21 million to various charitable projects, for the most part, to purchase medical equipment for hospitals with the help of the charity foundation "Your support".

Креді Агріколь подарував медичне обладнання для ІПАГу

At the same time, Credit Agricole Group demonstrated solidarity with Ukrainians, suspended its activities in russia (all new financing of russian companies and commercial activities), and launched an emergency solidarity fund amounting to EUR 10 million.

Even during the war, the bank proves to be highly reliable and able to effectively address destabilizing factors. Credit Agricole maintains strong capital and liquidity positions, and has ongoing support of the international financial Group. The bank is a leader in social responsibility and is in the TOP-3 in the nomination of reliability of bank deposits from Standard-Rating also ranks 3rd among most resilient Ukrainian banks by results of Q2 2022, according to Minfin portal. And also the bank invests in digital solutions and the branch network, has resumed lending and launches new products.

Credit Agricole’s contribution to society:

  • 100 mln hryvnias in taxes paid by the bank in advance.
  • 11 mln hryvnias Credit Agricole Brie Picardie and Credit AgricoleUkraineallocated for purchasing 21 diesel generators for 14 social institutions of Zhytomyr regionsupported by.
  • 5.65 mln hryvnias for medical equipment for the Zaporizhzhia Regional Clinical Children’s Hospital.
  • 5 mln hryvnias for the Red Cross in Ukraine.
  • UAH 4.7 mln for an expert class ultrasound diagnostic system for the National Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • 2.1 mln hryvnias for anesthesia breathing apparatus for intensive care unit of the National Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology.
  • 1 mln hryvnias for the purchase of a vehicle forhumanitarian aid transportation.
  • 500 thousand hryvnias of aid to the wounded military and civilians.
  • 270 thousand hryvnias for a humanitarian initiative by our partner – Lviv ІТ Cluster.
  • 100 thousand hryvnias for medicines and basic supplies for hospital patients.
  • 600 thousand zloty of aid to Ukrainian hospitals by Credit Agricole in Poland.
  • 31 mln hryvnias of aid to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and charity foundations raised by Credit Agricole clients via CA+ mobile app.
  • 2 vehicles, 78 computers and laptops, 6 printers, sweets and raincoats handed by the bank to help the army and territorial communities.

Volunteering by Credit Agricole employees:

  • 51 thousand hryvnias for the wounded children – theinitiative was implemented with the help of “Your Support” foundation.
  • 25 containers for blood plasma, a blood warmer and mixer were donated by an employee in Kharkiv for the Blood Transfusion Center.

Топ-менеджери банку зустрічаються зі співробітниками мережі відділень

How Credit Agricole helps clients:

  • 1.2 bln hryvnias in loans granted under the state program “Affordable Loans at 5-7-9%” since the war has started. Agribusiness is among the most active borrowers, its support is among the key priorities for Ukraineand our bank.The bank also participates in the Government program on providing state guarantees. This is an opportunity for companies to timely replenish their working capital, repair equipment, cover logistics costs, provide jobs for the staff, and, if necessary, even relocate their business to a safe area.
  • In July, the bank resumed car lending and produced 100 mln hryvnias in loans in just a few months.
  • From February 24 to August 1, the bank offered special terms of service: no penalties were applied in case of late mandatory payment for loan products.
  • From February 24 to July 1, the bank cancelled monthly service fee for all card packages.
  • The bank extended the validity period of all cards expiring starting from February 2022, so that they continued to be used by clients.
  • Credit Agricole in Poland introduced charge-free money transfers to Ukraine and free opening and maintenance of bank accounts for Ukrainians.
  • Payments with Credit Agricole cards are available in sales outlets and on the Internet without any restrictions.
  • The bank invests in digital solutions to make customer service as convenient and secure as possible. The bank is launching new online banking tools for business (CORPEX) and entrepreneurs (CA+ Pro), which combine advanced solutions and the best experience of the international Group.

Зустріч команди з генеральним директором Креді Агріколь Філіпом Брассаком у Польщі

How Credit Agricole helps its staff:Credit Agricole Bank

  • The bank guaranteed jobs, salaries and all social payments to all its employees.
  • 350+ employees from Ukraine were temporarily evacuated abroad with the support of the Group in particular Credit Agricole SA, Credit Agricole Bank Polska, Crédit Agricole CIB in Germany. They are helped with searching for accommodation and organizing comfortable work space.
  • 71 mln hryvnias of extra payments for the staff.
  • 40 pallets of humanitarian aid were received from the Group’s regional banks – Credit Agricole Charente Maritime Deux Sevres and Credit Agricole Anjou Maine.
  • 100 employees underwent First Aid training from the Red Cross organized by the Bank, and nearly 200 employees attended an online webinar.
  • Stimulus psychological support line was organized together with the Group.
  • The bank pays financial aid in case of death or loss of close family members.
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